Thank you for your interest in Weber River Fly Fishing at Thousand Peaks Ranch.
For those who enjoy fly fishing, and the quiet beauty and landscape of the upper Weber River, our family and guest-friendly packages are as follows:
Individual Season Pass: $1,325.00
Individual +1 Buddy Season Pass: $1,985.00
Individual +2 Buddy Season Pass: $ 2,645.00
Children 12 and Under: FREE
Daily Guest Passes: $135 (available only to individual season pass holders)
*All season passes grant pass holders unlimited access to fishing at the ranch all season long.
The family pass is discontinued and instead, we are instituting the individual + 1 or + 2 season passes. This allows you to invite and accompany family or friends as guests to fish with you. Individual + 1 allows one additional person to fish with you and Individual + 2 allows two additional persons to fish, provided the season permit holder accompanies the guests at all times.
In addition, if you purchase any level of the season passes, you will be eligible to purchase additional daily passes at $135 per person per day. Those guests will be allowed to fish with you provided you accompany them anytime they are on the river.
A big added bonus this year will allow children under 12 to fish for free, again provided the season permit holder accompany them on the river at all times.
Of course all adults and children must have Utah State issued fishing licenses to fish. We will be monitoring how compliance with these new passes work in order to determine if changes are needed in 2020.   



To order your 2020 Weber River Fly Fishing season pass, please chose the type of pass you prefer, add 7.15 % tax, and mail a check made out to:  
Weber River Fly Fishing P.O. Box 480 Oakley, UT 84055  
If you prefer to pay using a credit card, please call Park City Powder Cats at 435-649-6596  and ask for Sherry or Ron, who will book your pass.  
There will be an upper limit of season passes to be issued, so we encourage current season pass holders to order now. This program will be first marketed exclusively to holders of last years passes and past year's members through March 31, thereafter cabin owners surrounding the ranch through April 20, and then the general fly fishing community thereafter.   We expect to mail season dashboard passes for your cars on or about May 1. The fishing cabin will be available this year in a variety of capacities.
More information on improved fish habitat and additional services that will be provided in the fishing cabin will be updated as they occur.   We look forward to seeing you on the Weber River this summer!   
For more information, visit the FAQ page or contact us.

Weber River Fly Fishing

Oakley, UT


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